Friday, May 30, 2008

Race Weekend!

You guys are on your own for the weekend. The crew and I are headed for Birmingham, AL; our annual pilgrimage to Bump-n-Grind.

Somebody check on Derwood while we're gone. He called yesterday and sounded like he'd been gargling all of the phlegm I coughed up 2 weeks ago. So he's out. Bed rest and fluids for that boy!

The rest of us are all atwitter. I think Wrecking Ball might throw up today!! His nerves kicked in yesterday! That guy has to be first at everything!

Word came down that 007 is coming down from DC, and in typical 007 fashion, the gauntlet has already been thrown. His challenge has the owner of the slowest overall lap time, between, himself, Wrecking Ball, and yours truly, wearing a skirt at one of the fall Florida Series races. We're working on including All Pro Marcus in our wager, but he's gonna have to spot us about 10 minutes. I'm already trying to work out the logistics of riding in a skirt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Kinda Back..

Well, the bionic man theory has not played out like I'd hoped. Actually, I feel alot more like a malfunctioning Inspector Gadget , than any kind of bionic anything.

After being sick for a week, I tried to look at it as an unplanned rest week. No such luck! I rode 6 days last week, but tried to come back slowly. Started with short easy rides, and slowly made them harder, leading up to yesterday's race simulation ride. I didn't feel any specific effects linked to my chest cold, but I definitely did not feel very fast. I know that chest colds can diminish aerobic capacity for awhile, even after the main symptoms have cleared out, but I was still hopeful. Well the work is done now, nothing to do but try to enjoy an easy week before we leave for Bump-n-Grind this weekend. I have to say, I really was hoping to pull off something special up there, but the illness has stolen my thunder.

On a more positive note, we used all of Cadillac as part of our loop yesterday, and the upper loop of Cadillac is starting to fill in nicely. I was very annoyed after it was originally built, but one line is starting to emerge now, and it's fast and fun! It's a nice contrast to the sideslope of the lower Cadillac, and I do like being able to do it as a loop.
BTW, I'm about to put out a missing persons ad in the Democrap. But I'll start it here. Bikeposse has lost its Porn 'Stache. If anyone has seen him, please let me know. I hate the thought of Porn 'Stache wandering the trails, all alone, with noone to tell his stories to.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Back.....


A man barely alive

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him

We have the technology

We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man

Bigworm will be that man

We can make him better than he was before

Better. Stronger. Faster

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know! I know!, I've been missing in action way too long. Lil' Ronnie calls and bitches about the zodiac thing being up too long, which was plenty enough reason to leave it up for another week or two!

It seems like I've been going 1oo mph, but I'm not sure what's getting accomplished. I'm definitely spending big time on the bike, until this week. I woke up yesterday to the dreaded sinus drain. It seems to be worse today. So being off the bike gave me time to hit the site again. But now I don't really feel like thinking, so here I am with nothing to say, except sick sucks!! I guess if I were Chuck Norris, I'd roundhouse kick myself in the nose until my sinuses surrendered.

Now if I could just get Wrecking Ball to chime in with his patented cure all. Something about Motrin and cold showers....