Friday, April 19, 2013

GA On My Mind.... and other stuff, too.

I think my t'aint may fall out Sunday afternoon.  I really don't want it to, but I'm not sure I'll have a choice in the matter. Sometimes t'aints just do what they want, regardless of their host's wishes.  I suppose it's like any relationship, though. If you ask too much of your partner, they may just decide enough is enough.

I've never been the cyclo-touring type. But, this year, the local TOSRV double century event has offered a clay road version. The thought of two days of new to me clay, sounded appealing, so I'm in. It looks like there are 35+ other like minded souls, who wish to anger their t'aints as well. Should be quite entertaining, by sometime Sunday afternoon. I wonder if Cairo, GA has a t'aint trauma center...

On another front, the 2 of you who actually read this, may have noticed that the Bikeposse Ride Info is stuck on 3/21 ride info. It's not that that was such an epic day, that it should never be changed, left to remind those who missed out, of their now clearly, purposeless lives. It was more a matter of nobody actually cares. I honestly have no idea whether or not folks actually referenced that little ride info tool, but I kept it up, so that it made an easy place to find out the plans. Now however, there is no need of plans, as Bikeposse is dead. Like most great tribes, it died from inside. No overthrow. No hostile takeover. No coup. Just quiet diminishment of interest until it withered and the wind blew the dust in many different directions. I know that diminishment may not be an actual word, and that some of you may not want to hear my whining. Whatever. It's my place, my rules. If you wish to read happy things, go here.   He does good things, and tells of them quite eloquently. Me, I'm just crabby, right now.

Not really crabby. Actually, I'm quite excited to get my tourist on. Very much looking forward to 2 days where my main focus is turning the pedals, and eating food. No mowing the grass. No dishes or laundry. Just pedal, shower, eat, sleep, pedal home. And of course eat, shower, and sleep again. Then Monday comes and my soul goes back into hiding. Though the bikeposse regulars think that they belong in a Kansas video, there are still a few old friends and a couple of the new faces doing this ride, so I look forward to the weekend.

Maybe if my t'aint actually dies, I'll change that Bikeposse Ride Info tool, to some kind of T'aint Memorial.  I wrote this blog in loving memory of...