Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Love The Interwebs!

Just when you think the people who wind up in the news are entertaining enough, the bright young minds of the web world turn it up a notch.

Hope this lightens your hump-day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Game for Friday

My bug doesn't look like a wevil, but it def looks might evil. My bug warns its prey with a rust colored display that says HEY. My bug doesnt sing but man can he sting. My bug prefer not walk hints the name tarantula hawk. The end

1:48am, and this is what I get?! I can't decide if there was alcohol involved, as the time stamp would likely indicate, or simply a sleepless author who was engrossed in an insect.

This is exactly how it came to me, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and all. Is this some sort of damn the man, I ain't gotta pay no tension to your rules writing style? Or just some drunken, fat fingered, textual slurring?

I like the line, "My bug prefer not walk hints the name tarantula hawk." At first glance, I thought our entertainer misspelled hence and left out a comma, but then I realized that his way works, too. True genius, or what my favorite photography instructor called a "happy accident"?

Either way, take your enjoyment where you can find it. Life's short, and if you can find a smile in an aggravating, sleep interrupting text, then so be it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday, leading into an even better weekend.

There's a bike race in town this weekend, out at Tom Brown. Come see the monkeys in their funny clothing. Your's truly will likely don his Apebike team gear and do a few laps.

Tell you what, let me know who you think authored this piece of texting brilliance, and the 1st few to get it right, come find me with the Bikechain boys at the race on Sunday. I'll hook you up with a sausage dog off the grill, and if you're of legal age, I'll throw in a Fat Tire Ale.