Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today was a good day!

Yesterday was a cool day. 'Cuz and I made a last minute trip to Cairo. GA not Egypt, and Kayro, not Kyro. We met up at Downhilla's new crib, for a road ride through the South Georgia backcountry. Seeing Downhilla's new spread, practically a mansion from what he's lived in the past few summers, the outstanding weather, and new scenery, were definitely worth the drive.

Today. Today started out kind of rough. After the Saturday ride experience, I was hoping not to be let down by the Sunday Big Show. Sunday is the ride where everyone comes out of the woodwork. Most of these guys I only see on Sunday. Little Ball is in town. Spanish Mackerel is actually showing for rides, in preparation for Felasco. Ahhh, but the best laid plans of mice and men........Right out of the gate, I get a text from Mackerel about waking up humping a deerstand while swilling back cartons of "rut juice". I'm not sure what that means, but I assume he's a no show. Then the president of the Bicycle Flea Market for Men calls and begs off, claiming offspring issues. As in, his litter, not the band. I'm already getting aggravated. On the way to Jose's Hacienda of Bicicletas, Former Bike Shop owner calls and tells me he's out. I didn't even know he was coming! Something about a headache. Anyway, the shop, it's just Derwood and I, so I start calling around to see how deep the sickness runs. 'Cuz is running late, but he's en route with Ice Berg in tow. Micro claims a whole stack of BS, and is out. RC God doesn't answer his phone, but shows up 10 minutes later. Little Ball turns complete sissy and hides in bed, much like the Bigfish at Hook, Line and Stinker. So my crew of 10 turns out to 5. 50% attrition rate and not even one pedal stroke into the ride, yet!

We may be diminished, but the mix is good, and the weather is perfect. We roll out east and out at the dike, we pick up a loner, Ragin'. Ragin' tags on for awhile before dipping to find his own beat. We pick up another new guy whom nobody knew. He just kind of sits on the back and enjoys our foolishness. Shortly after that we pick up Huck Finn. I haven't seen Huck in awhile, and it's good to get to ride together and catch up a little. I'm not sure if it was the fall air, or Huck being in the mix now, but we decide to go looking for one of our old school routes. We wandered all over the Fallschase area looking for the way across the dry lake bed, Once across, after way too much soft sand pedaling, everybody hoped like all hell, that we would find a way back out of the lake bed, and up on to the Cadillac Trail. Luck smiled on us for certain. With Huck leading, all the time uttering disclaimers about not being sure of the direction, we rode perfectly into an old goat trail, through the brush, back up to Cadillac. It's like it was cut just for us! How we stumbled on that trail so perfectly, I'll never know.

Back on known trail, the general consensus is its time to head for the barn. We've been out for nearly 3 hours by now. As we pass through TB Park, we run across, Juancho, of Bigringcircus fame, Cupcake, and Bushy on their way out. Bunch of late sleepers! Still it's good to see them out and riding. About that time, Former Bike Shop Owner comes cruising up. Busted! On the way back, I notice that the new guy at the back is still with us, and I still don't know his name. So introductions were exchanged, and we may have a new crew member, as well. Only time will tell. Back at the shop, 3hrs 15minutes from the start, this ride has gone from aggravating to outstanding! We definitely missed some people, but we got to see old friends, and make at least one new one. We rode trails we have ignored for years, some of which I thought had fallen to development! Did I say the weather was perfect?!


Yeah, this day may have started out a little shonky. But today... Today was a good day!


bikechain said...

Sounds like I missed a good one. What happened to creek bed Terry?

BIGWORM said...

The Clark Crossing Conquistador lay collapsed on his couch, caterwalling in pain, over his cacauphonous coughing fits!


Speaking of creek bed Terry, we actually rode through "Terry Creek" on that ride, just looking for alternative routes for future expeditions. Something else that was certainly noteworthy, but omitted from the original post was our cardboard sliding out at Cobb bowl - that just never gets old.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Say what you will, but I have a land mark for life. A dubious honor, but an honor none the less.