Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ride Notification

Some of you may have noticed the Bikeposse Ride Info on the right side of this page. I'm trying to keep these ride announcements up to date. I know we have a few folks who wish to join in from time to time, but don't know how to get in touch. So, here ya go.

Disclaimer and small print:

I'm sure that Mother Nature and human error will occasionally throw me a curveball. I'll do my best to hit it out of the park, but..... This being acknowledged, use you best judgement. If it's storming, snowing, or even just raining at the prescribed ride time, I may not be there. My post is an effort to centralize the plans, not a promise to be there. And if I'm not, no, you don't get a free toaster oven. No free ride to and from all the rides for the next month. I won't pay your taxes that year. Your best judgement may be different from mine, so take some personal responsibility, and enjoy your decision making freedom!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Nice post, so what should I bring as far as clothes go? What tire pressure should I run? Will tonight be a hammer fest or a love fest? Also I would like you to do a tune up on my bike at 6:01pm if it's not too much trouble? Can I get a ride home with you? I was thinking of riding to the ride but I may not want to ride home. Also what are you and your wife having for dinner? Maybe I could eat with you guys, have a few beers, and then you could drive me home? I dunno just a thought? Is the weather going to be okay for the next few days?

RickySilk said...

And the 15 minute "Kent Buffer" is no longer good. Kent has been showing a level of punctuality never before seen.

BIGWORM said...

Granted, he's only ridden once since Felasco, but he was on time!

john said...

Damn BW that is more of a shove into the street than a hand-holding.