Friday, October 10, 2008

On Any Given Sunday

Nerves a thicket,
Jitter and quake.
Did you buy your ticket
to the Tom Brown Race?
Worry and woe.
Why can't I relax?
Can I climb that damn hill
all three laps?
I hate it! I love it!
I'll never do it again!
I wonder what it would take,
to maybe just this once win.
No sleep for the players
who toss and turn.
Knowing this Sunday
more of themselves they'll learn.
Whether we win or lose,
float or flail.
We'll all be glad to have finished
So we may weave our tales.


TallahasseeTrails said...

Last chance to stock up on Red Rooster pills before the race:
Ashmore's is closing!

Photos and vids of the big ape and pals will be going here:
See Whiners Here

Happy racing,
Trail Gnome

Human Wrecking Ball said...

That would have been so awesome if I hadn't just vommited.

Nice work Worm!

juancho said...

"On Any Given Sunday" you will change this damn blog.