Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Useless to Resist

I keep seeing more and more changes in my direct, and indirect life. Some of them eye opening, and some of them just plain scary.

I was just over at Drunkcyclist, and saw a new post from Big Johnny. For those who follow, Big Johnny was the main guy behind DC, but he hasn't posted much in quite awhile. His buddy Gnome, has been picking up the slack. I've been wondering what happened to the guy. Is he just over it? Nothing to say? I knew he recently moved to another part of Arizona. Did the absence of his friends kill his muse? I just found out, through this last post, that he moved to start law school. He was hit by a car a couple of years back, and spent a lot of time healing a broken back. Now he's started law school so that eventually he can help others like him, who just get screwed by some jackass's lack of control. I hate that he's not on the site, constantly berating the world with his caustic sense of humor, but I'm glad he found a path to walk. He seemed to be just floating after the accident.

I first heard about Drunkcyclist through, Kevin Noble, our Kona rep when I worked at Joe's. Kevin is still at Kona, but his rowdy days have calmed too, I think, with a new kid in the house. Kevin seemed surprised that I had never heard of the site, but I was pretty much internet challenged back then. All I'd heard of was ebay, and as a shop guy, that was the devil.

Just for a little more indirect weirdness, my favorite cycling writer is Mike Ferrentino, over at Bike Magazine. His first, or maybe second, Grimy Handshake article fully reflected my understanding of bike shop customers, from behind the counter. I realized he was a greasy handed, kindred spirit. Another sucker working in his passion, to satisfy the not so thankful public. I couldn't have been happier when he was named editor for Bike, But alas, it was short lived. He took another job, I think with Santa Cruz. Now I'm just glad he still writes his column. Bike just wouldn't be the same without him.

Over the years of reading Bike and Drunkcyclist, I found out that each of these guys is about my age, all worked at one time or another in bike shops, and still carried a torch for the two wheeled, self propelled world. Even better, I found out they all knew each other. At one of the big 24 hour races, there was a media division. Big Johnny, Ferrentino, and Nobles, all on the same team. Sometimes it's just strange how the world ties things together.

On the homefront, my buddy Paulie is leaving on another African adventure, soon. He's pretty amped, and I like to see his enthusiasm. He called me up, all excited, and asked if I would mind being a reference, for this job with Tour de Afrique. Sure enough, I get a call a day later, from a super heavy french accent, presumably based out of Canada. He asks a lot of questions about Paul's character and demeanor. His last question was "What would you say Paul's weakness would be on this trip?". I told him" I know it sounds like I'm just singing Paul's praises, but the truth is he's hard working, self motivated, a strong cyclist, can talk to most anyone, and has spent several years in Africa. What else would you want? The truth is I hate to see him go." The interviewer says the trip is only for a few months and and that Paul will be back. I told him, "Yeah, that's what he said when he joined the Peace Corp. I'm going to spend a year in Africa!" Four years later, Paul found his way home. I think this job is perfect for Paul. And I look forward to following along on his blog.

I guess this issue with my foot/ankle has opened my eyes lately. I was faced with the thought of never riding again, and the fight isn't over, and that spooks me. I'm 38 years old, and have been riding since 1990. 99% of my friends and acquaintances were met through, or are tied to, cycling. The thought of possibly losing something this intertwined with my life really kind of freaks me out. I realize that life would not be over, just a lot different.

It would be time for the next big chapter. I like to think that I like variety, but the truth is, I'm not so down with BIG change. Small changes are nice to vary the ride, but big changes rock the boat. In the meantime, I'll be fighting the good fight, trying to reconcile the thought of change in case of failure, or maybe I'll just be looking around for a good life preserver.
***Big thanks to Juancho for catching an error. I'd cut 10 years out of my riding career.


Paul McManus said...

Things do change. But mostly they're just external, you know. Truth is you'll always be Big Worm, bike or no bike. And you'll always have something great to contribute to everyone around you. Thanks for the shout out. (notice how now that I have my own little piece of blogdom I've started reading others and leaving comments? Funny huh.)

BIG JIM said...

Big Worm, appraiser/bike technologist extraordinaire. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Big Worm will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. Now cut the crap about not riding anymore, you're depressing me.

On another matter, it sucks when friends move away. Some of my best friends over the years have moved to different corners of the country and it always sucks to say farewell. When it's Marko's time, and we know the time will come, I say we all get together and kick his ass. Good luck and have fun Africa Paul.

bikediet said...

Big Jim, when comes to puttin' foot to ass, just remember, I am a Woodvillian. Big Squirm, you are as good as gold. You won't get off the bike until you are ready to. That decision won't be made for you.

juancho said...

My only wish is to beat you at your best, so therefore you cannot continue injured. I offer you my little brother's foot/ankle.

And you started riding in 2000? How did you become OG so fast? I've been riding (slowly) since 1989 and I'm still a chump around here. Wottaripoff!

BIGWORM said...

Whoa, thanks for catching that typo, Juancho. I started in 1990. I had been thinking I started in 1989, but a little conversation with the Ol' Lady spurrd the memory a little more clearly.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I know where you are, I was there. Move forward get all the info you can from as many docs as possible. Ride until you can't and then get surgery. We will all take care of you during the rehab. We owe you that much.