Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is What Every Saturday Should Be

The Ol' Lady and I slept in, for us, all the way to 8am. After only brief thought, we decided to hit Canopy Road Cafe for breakfast. I'd driven by this joint for several years, and only remembered to give it a try about 6 months ago. It's small and it's local, and the food is good. What more do you need? The word on the street is that their pancakes are their specialty. My personal favorite, the sweet potato pancakes. They're outstanding. They come drizzled with some sort of butter/syrup/cinnamon hybrid that is a gateway to a happy sugar coma.

Afterwards, we chilled on the couch and watched a movie that was due back tonight. Movie wasn't so good, but the company was.

Wrecking Ball showed up around 1pm, so I could catch up on my January W.B. bike maintenance. He's not called the Human Wrecking Ball for nothing.

Big Jim Slade rode from his house to meet us. Then he and I rolled out to pick up Flash, on our way to the trails. It was damn cold getting started, but a beautiful day, none the less. On the way, we came across Bushy in his yard, stopped to say hello, and continued on. I regaled poor Slade with a laundry list of the all the cycling clan who live, or had lived, in those surrounding neighborhoods. It's just such a cool, old school, Tallahassee neighborhood.

The temperature was turning out to be perfect for mountain bikes. The trees kept you safe from the wind. The lack of leaves allowed the sun to reach the trail bed, and it felt good to be back on home turf. B.J.S., W.B., and I hadn't ridden local terrain on the weekend in three weeks. The Road is fun, but Home is good.

By the time I was home, my roll time was just shy of 3 hours. For Slade, he had to be pushing 3.5 when he climbed out of the saddle. Perfect.

A little stretching, a shower, and pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce. I'm clean, I'm full, and my legs are tired. WB's bike worked. Slade learned a new skill. Flash got to ride when he promised not to. My wife is due home soon. What more do I need?


Ms. Moon said...

Doesn't sound like you need much but the way you're rolling, whatever it is, you'll no doubt be getting it.
Glad you had such a nice day!

BIGWORM said...

Thanks for dropping by, Ms. Moon. I know all of the bike stuff isn't necessarily your cup of tea, but the visits are always welcome.

Groover said...

Wow, those pancakes look so delicious. I did some sleeping in lately, too. Funny how we were able to sleep till noon when we were teenagers and now 7 or 8 AM is "getting up late"!

BIG JIM said...

Now I'm craving pancakes.

RickySilk said...

good to see you guys stacking on the hours.

bikechain said...

The Dragon is impressed. Nice work