Thursday, July 9, 2009


This relentless, summertime rain has dampened my riding exploits. In a way, it's a good thing. We need the rain, and it gave me a little more forced rest. I'm tired from the riding, traveling, and the curve balls that life sends over the corner of the plate. It has been nice to let the rainy days wash away some of the stress.

Now I'm getting antsy, though. I'm gone so much on the weekends, I have not done any of the longer Tallahassee loops in a while. I'd like to get out and ride the vineyard loop on my mountain bike. No record setting pace or anything, I just want to turn the pedals, revisit some old scenery, and sweat. No point in fighting that last one. North Florida humidity is legendary, and we're in the thick of it. May as well embrace it.

Tour viewing has lit my road bike fire, too. I see a Bikechain team time trial around the Food Lion loop in our near future. Maybe we'll make the Joe's ride tonight. It's my favorite weekday ride, and I've missed it too many times due to family issues and rain. Anybody down for rain or shine tonight?

Anybody interested in a big mountain bike ride, or two, this weekend. if we roll early, we should beat the weather.


BIG JIM said...


RickySilk said...

An exchange from last sunday:

E: Next time you rinse out your bike clothes wring them out before you hang them. There's a big puddle on the floor.

Me: I didn't rinse them out.

E: Gross.

bikediet said...

Ric - nice!

BW - I'm down with the TNTTT (Tuesday night Team Time Trial)

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Uh... Mountain ride please. This week was supposed to be my return to cycling. I can't swing a leg over no matter how hard I try. HELP!

Mingo said...

This is the right time of year to turn pedals, Munson style. One of those south side springs.

We are gone for the week, no biking for me. I am lookng forward to getting back, I'm not gone yet?