Thursday, October 15, 2009

Captionator #3

Let me kick this off:

Human Wrecking Ball warms up furiously, for the FSCS #4 race, that he's definitely not doing.

Kent and Marcus argue over next year's Bikechain kit.

Big Jim Slade and Neil decide to settle it once and for all with a "Dance Off, Pants Off" special edition.


Mark said...

Its good to see that bikeposse finally figured out how to dress for Felasco.

We went like this, and he went like that, and I said where'd he go, and Goose said where'd whoooooooo gooooooo.

Paul McManus said...

Things got a little crazy at after Big Worm joined facebook.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Sadly the milf's weren't aloud in but everyone agreed that "The Sound Of Music" night at Paradise was still a success.

BIG JIM said...

Zak and Steve found the cougars at Paradise a little scary, so decided to dance with each other. It was a hair raising experience.

Double Nought Seven said...

Bike Chain decides to hold their won version of Oktoberfest sans women!

Somali Pirate said...

Bike Posse resorts to a dance off to decide on San Felasco sleeping arrangements.

Che Bliss said...

think know that guy on the left!!

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