Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Death of the Easter Bunny

Imagine my surprise, when I perused the modern day flea market, commonly referred to as eBay, lookin' at the latest FM3's and cheap gold by the inch, when I tripped over this little gem.

And there it is. another let down in the long list of broken dreams and leaky water beds. The Red Cotton Candy Butcher Dragon is selling his latest bike. The bike that was turning the tide; brought him to the next level of P90X, is now on the chopping block in the name of air conditioning. I suppose the fresh breath of a cool breeze, blowing through his.....bald head, was not enough....air conditioning?!

I suppose it's his upbringing. The boy doesn't live anywhere near the Woodville Mall any longer, so he recreates it in his garage, and on his computer. Deep down, I think there is gypsy in that boy's blood!

Oh well, I suppose I'll go cry the cathartic lonely crying that accompanied the unveiling of the tooth fairy, and the death of the Easter Bunny.


RonD said...

Lets not be so quick to jump on the Red Butcher of the Bunny Cotton Candy, maybe he is going to pursue off-road unicycling.

Spanish Mackerel said...

Awww come on Worm. You know good and well, anything in the Dragons life is up for sale so long as it doesn't require oxygen to support life function. It's prob the next step in a parlay to something more grand.

BIGWORM said...

"It's prob the next step in a parlay to something more grand."

Yeah, like a 1984 stumpjumper single/dingle speed with rigid fork and a wooden front wheel! ;-)

FroRyder said...

The dream is dead. Blame the family blame the house payment blame work if you want but the truth is the dream is dead snuffed out like a 2dollar cigar

Mark said...

Good one Ron. Yeh, the 29er was good while it lasted. It did its job. It got him out on at least two rides.