Friday, August 27, 2010


Man what a week. White out rain conditions trying to thwart all of our ride plans at every step. I go down like a ton o' bricks at Root Bug, and turn my knee the cutest shade of green(Yep, you missed it again, Silk). Bikechain guys actually showed up at the Joe's Ride! And, I'm hitting a restaurant Grand Opening tonight. Lah Tee Dah! That's a first for me. Like I said, what a week.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm tired of this El Rain Yo weather pattern we've been hanging with for awhile. More gullies have been whomped this summer, than I care to remember. The trails are a wet, steamy, mass of drag you down, jungle muck. However, I have been seen venturing out with knobbies again, though I swore them off about a month ago. And I've had fun. Well, right up until I did that gainer over the bars, into a Red Bug root tangle. Oh well, It entertained Stormingnormin, as he had front row seats to the air show. Check the weather pattern for next week. After Monday, it looks like our rain chances drop below 20% for the rest of the week, and the temperature plummets to the low 90's! I'll see ya out there!

Now, on a little heavier note. After Wrecking Ball found yet another way to get out of the Tom Brown race, I've fielded a million questions about WB's health. He keeps apologizing to me, as if having to answer these things stresses me out. Quite the contrary, my friend, quite the contrary. I'm actually glad to be part of this process, almost honored. You see, I expected the boys to to look out for our boy, but I was a little surprised at how many other people came to me. People I didn't even realize knew WB. All night on the Joe's Ride, "How's WB?", "When's he coming back?", "What's his next step?", "Is he alright?". This gives me faith in my fellow man, and I'm thankful to have had the chance to witness it firsthand. There's a whole lot of good people in this community, and I'm proud to be part of it. Big ups to the folks at Subaru, ground zero for Wrecking Ball's vascular brain check. Good looking out! Thanks to all the folks who asked about his health. Our boy is all choked up by the show of support.

Now, let's lighten this a little. It seems that Wrecking Ball's brother has opened another restaurant here in T-town, in the old Club Park Avenue space. The whole clan, of the Clan Wrecking Ball, is here, so I just can't miss an opportunity to see WB in his family element. He's the youngest of about a million siblings, so this should be good. Besides, I get to eat good food, observe WB in the wild, and imagine a day gone by, where Red Cotton Candy Dragon strutted his stuff, with no shirt, his pants pulled down, his thumbs tucked in his bikini brief waistline, while all the lights come on, the music stops, and the pa system calls for security to the dance floor. Good times!


BIG JIM said...

What sucks is that I was on that ride and still missed your Superman impression. Sucks to always get dropped.

I am soooo ready for a weather pattern change. Too much rain and high humidity make it hard to keep the motivation high.

Can't wait to hear what stories come out of tonights WB family gathering. Have fun.

Mingo said...

No rain for a while would be good.

Maybe we'll see you tonight.

Mark said...

Yeh, this rain has got to stop. I am getting real tired of it messing up yall's riding plans :) Hope you enjoy the new food, sound fun

RickySilk said...

Sorry I missed the digger. Nothing like a root forced exhale. oooooommmmmmmmppphhhhh.

It's shocking that a friend had a stroke. Eye opener.

Lots of good memories were made in that CPA space.... on straight night.... except for that one time I was talked into going to the drag show... which was pretty crazy.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks for being my friend Worm. Sadly you and Ms.Worm are now adopted into the WB clan. My family loved you guys. Escape if you can!
I used to play at CPA in my first tally band The Reign and we haunted that place when we weren't playing on "straight night". My bros joint is full of ghosts from those days.
I want to thank everyone for staying with me this last week. I was never once lonely or in need of friends or encouragement. I never thought I would cause this kind of outpouring of support and I am humbled by it. I hope to be worthy of the gesture in the future. I am thankful and fortunate. Even if I never get back to where I was, I am very optomistic about riding again. For now, enjoy the intellegent conversations and the quiet of the woods. I hope to disrupt both as soon as possible. BC for life!