Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm gonna get preachy for just a second, and I almost apologized for it, but never mind that. I saw a comment from Wrecking Ball the other day, on Big Jim Slade's site. He mentions not understanding those who can ride, but don't. Then this morning, I saw this video. It's long Marcus, and you'll have to read, Lil Ronnie, but watch it anyway. 10 minutes out of your life is not that big of a deal. I promise you, in a day, hell, an hour, you won't miss that 10 minutes.

I'm not one of those straight, white guys who feels guilty for not being one of the persecuted minorities, but sometimes I do feel guilty for taking what I have for granted. I charge all 3 of you folks who read this little blip on the web radar with a task for this weekend. Do something because you can, and others can't. Ignore excuses like "I gotta water my yard." or "My left pinky nail hurts.", and ride your bike. Wear a short skirt, kiss your girl in public, eat meat or drink a beer, because you don't have to worry about some authority figure's interpretation of a religious doctrine. Read any book you want, because it's not on a banned list. Eat your favorite food, because it's available. Sleep well tonight, because your neighborhood is not being shelled hourly. More than anything else, take a deep breath, and be thankful for what you have. No matter how much you think your life sucks right now, someone, somewhere, would give anything to be in your shoes.


Anonymous said...

Amazing story...perfect blog entry...thank you for making me stop and appreciate! You are an amazing man.

Mark said...

I'm not going to wear a short skirt. AND, I'll go ahead and thank you in advance for guilting me into a 10 minute video. However mad I may be at you right now, I'm sure it will be enlightening and help to put things in perspective

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I would just add how about we do something to help other people do things that they normally can not.

Kent said...

enjoyed viewing. video and film is one of my passions. been on the fence about heading to san felasco tomorrow. who wants to go just to go?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Love it Worm. Just watched it with my boy Cory. Good stuff. If the wheels will turn, I say roll it.

RonD said...

Mark- it won't give you any perspective, so drop the caring act.
Kent-nobody cares that video and film is one of your passions. It's not about you, it's about kids rolling around in the dirt on skateboards.
Chris and Terry-are sincere about the blog/video.
As for myself, I don't care.