Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Desperately Seeking Susan

Okay, maybe not "desparately', and maybe not even "Susan",  but I am looking for crews that could use another electron in their electron cloud.

My crew has scattered to the 4 winds, like so much flotsam. Big Jim Slade is busy training, and his training plan has him off on Tuesday. Human Wrecking Ball went and wrecked himself! Lil' Ball is doing as he should, and getting hisself an edumication. The rest of the core has long since reached critical mass, and fizzled out of the cycling atmosphere.

There are a bunch of new recruits out there, that are fun to ride with, but their attendance on weeknight rides is a little more sporadic.

So, who out there is still running around in the dark, on weeknights? I typically ride on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but I can be flexible. Don't tell me that I should join faceyspace! That place is the timesuck devil, and if you feel that the FaceBorg is the only way to communicate, you're probably just going to aggravate me anyway.

I heard today, that Munson Monday may still be rolling. That sounds promising. I see that the ever stoked, Tommy G is still running his Tuesday night crits. That may be a viable option.  What else? I know somebody around here has to be helping keep the cycling night light industry afloat.


BIG JIM said...

You sound flexible on your nights. So what say you get some Alford love on Wednesday nights. Danielle promised me that she would not drop you. Then hit the pavement with us on same said night once the days get longer. Bad news on that crit. Those roadie boys don't like darkness so they roll early. I can give you some Thursday love.

BIGWORM said...

I have not forgotten that Wednesday ride. It just seems a little too early for me to be opening that high end hurt locker. I'll need to consult my coach.

Honestly, the crit brings about the same problem.

I'm sure Mark R would back me if I started doing the Tuesday morning, Premiere Gym rides.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I got a 65 inch plasma and chips.

BIGWORM said...

Now THAT, is a sweet offer!!!

Glad to see your sense of humor is not broken, HWB!

Treeman said...

Wow, Steve A. and I didn't even get mentioned.

So who rode with you last night? Hmmmmmm, wait it was me and Steve A.

I'm just not feelin the love BW. :)

BIGWORM said...

My apologies, sir. I suppose the truth is, you've been more consistent than Lil' Ball, these days. However, you do typically have Cobra Kai dojo duties on Tuesday night...

Renaissance Man has been on the injured/reserve list for quite a while, but now that you mention it, I've seen him out 3 times in the past week.

That was a fun ride, last night, I was glad see the whole crowd. I especially enjoyed you having someone older than you on the ride, for a change.