Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winds of Change

I walked outside this morning, and it was actually cool out. Flash called me at lunch and told me his morning errands, run on the bike, left him a bit nipply. Have you noticed that slight hint of crispness in the smell of the air? Or perhaps seen that occasional color in the sky that belies the onset of my favorite time of year? Yes, it would appear that Fall is here in more than just the calender sense.

How many remember Joe's dog, Hannah? She was a permanent fixture at Joe's Bike Shop for as long as I could remember. In her later years, her health was getting pretty bad. Some days she just couldn't bring herself to get up off the floor, and join Joey for the trip to the shop. It was quite sad, and I always worried about Joe having to cope with the idea of his long time partner's suffering. You could see it in his eyes, that it broke him up.

The last year or so, at the first sign of cool Fall weather, Hannah would experience the most entertaining rejuvenations. It was like the cold air gave her the strength to deny her failing body. She would bounce all around the shop, acting like a puppy again. She'd make her rounds of the lake, begging for leftover fries or sandwich scraps. Then she'd race back to see if she'd missed anything special back at the maybe lunch! It was damned hard to resist those soulful eyes looking up at you, when you knew that just 2 weeks earlier, you were sure each day was her last.

I miss ol' Hannah, as I'm sure many patrons of Lake Ella and Joe's Bike Shop do, as well. If you get a chance, go roll in the leaves with your feet up in the air. Lie in the grass with your tongue hanging out. Do whatever, just get outside and let the Fall air rekindle your playful side.


juancho said...

I do think about Hannah. She was a good dog. Next ride is for her.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Nice post Worm. But what ever happened to the squirrel you fed nuts too?

BIGWORM said...

Joe said chippy came back for a year or two after I left, but then no more. I'm not sure what the life span of a squirrel typically is, butit had to be severly shortened with theose hawks hanging around to nail tasty pigeons.

Fat Lad said...

We both grew up in a house that always had dogs and now (because our place is rented and we both work full time) we both really miss our canine friends

In other news, don't you have a burning question in your mind 'worm? Almost as if some annoying british guys asked posed a querie that would set the cycling world alight and only your soothing answer could calm the fiery responses?


Fat Lad

juancho said...

Worm fed nuts, huh-huh.