Monday, February 16, 2009

Lantern Rouge!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Lantern Rouge riders of the big tours. These poor bastards suffer day in and day out, to be last. They could quit and go home, but they stick it out. Let's hear it for perseverance.

Now I have the distinct pleasure to know one of these guys personally. Everybody knows that Phil Southerland is my adopted little brother. He wandered into the shop at age 12-13, and we raised him to be the little derelict that he is today. He's one over achieving little derelict, too, He and a friend started to Team Type 1 as a school project, and now they have a team in the Tour of California, our country's biggest stage race. Little Bro Phil is suffering a trial by fire, as he learns what it's like to step up to the next level. The boy works his ass off, and my heart swells with pride when I see his achievements. I used to push him up the longer hills as a kid, and now I find strength in his never say die attitude.

Let's pump big love to the West Coast for Phil and his boys on Team Type 1. After 5 hours of sub 47 degree, rainy weather on yesterday's stage, they need all the love they can get.


juancho said...

Oh hell yes a local boy in the TDC? Makes me want to stick around San Diego 'til the finish.

bikechain said...

It pretty much shocks me to see where he is today. you need to get M to show you his doc trailer on her FB.

bikediet said...

Yeh, I feel a bit of pride in seeing him in the tour, no matter what position. I just wish he wouldn't have big leagued himself right out of riding with us. I miss the good ole days.

Little Ball said...

I am jealous! he is riding in what some think to be the best field of riders in US history! mad props to phil!