Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Days and Counting

Daylight Savings has arrived again, and it seems it brought Spring along for the ride. For some of us, that means time to change the routine.

Personally, I'm stoked! I always look forward to the changing of the season, both meterologically, and cycle-logically. When Fall rolls around, we charge our lights, dig out our cold weather gear, and begin the new season of night rides. It's usually a welcome relief from the same ol' same ol'. But by the time we spring our clocks forward again, I'm damn tired of keeping my lights charged, doing a full load of laundry after every ride, and having my neck be sore from that light on my helmet!

Tonight, we ride sans lights, and with the nice weather, sans cold weather gear.

But more importantly, we're just two days from this year's first JOE'S RIDE!! Time to dust off the skinny tired rigs, and climb into the midst of the whirring, twirling, ever amorphous, conglomeration of juniors, old folks, sketchers, mountain bikers, and loud mouths, that is the Joe's Ride. Can't wait! I chattered about it so much on last week's mountain bike rides, that Big Jim Slade's anxiety became palpable. So much for the confidence he gained by his first sport class win at the Red Bug Challenge. Now all he can think about is staying upright in the corners, or hoping none of the juniors are too mean to him. Don't worry, Big Jim, if they get too rowdy, we'll just send in Facebook to correct the issue. He seems to enjoy conflict within the confines of the Killearney trafficways. Old or young, he'll take on all comers.

I promise that as he reads this, Wrecking Ball is already thinking of other things to do on Thursdays. I'll let him get away with it a little, but there will be no shut outs, W.B.!

Micro will be on the sideline, as Spanish Mackerel says he should be, so that his little girl can cheer on the group, as we climb that damn hill in front of his home.

With any luck, Red Dragon will be on comeback #235,598,456 and will show up to show us the fastest 30 minutes in cycling.

Can't wait!

Two days and counting!

See ya Thursday!


BIG JIM said...

Joy, Joe's ride....can't freakin wait!

bikediet said...

How about a compromise, do the Joes ride - but do it on MTB's

BIGWORM said...

Negatory, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.

Mingo said...

I'm with bike diet on that one but I won't be there for any of them any how. The road scares me.

Spanish Mackerel said...

I'm just going to set off the back......way off and watch the pretty, pretty butterflies.

bikechain said...

i am watching....

Human Wrecking Ball said...


Did you know that last nights full moon was the Full Worm Moon?.....Guess thats why it was so BIG and white. If you look through a telescope you can see the riding sores!