Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blood Boiling

The clock has ticked past the 24 hour mark, and inside of a calender day, I'll be staring across a sea of teenage angst and hormones, at this band from my past. 41 years old, and punk still takes me right back. I just hope this old heart and body can take it, 'cause given half a chance, I'll be wading in neck deep! From what I hear of the venue, we may have to bend some rules to get down front. These boys are not only not dead, but are still throwing down. They've been around ever since I discovered the allure of screaming fast guitar riffs and sheer irreverence. Dig around and you can find TV clips of them back in the early 80's, looking like Lil' Ball and Ice Berg, but wearing clothes from my era. Grafin's voice doesn't even sound like it's cracked yet, back then. There were angrier, and there were more heavy bands around, but this band has stood the test of time, in my book.

To top it off, they're the opening band.

This is the main event. Rise against has been a top 3 favorite of mine, from the new school era. I had tickets to see them in Atlanta, back in 2007, and got sick as a dog coming home from RAAM, and had to bail. That has plagued me ever since. I'm not missing the train at the station this time.

Just pulling these vids for this post has me bouncing off the walls, Time to knock back a cold beer, and slow things down....until tomorrow night that is.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Get in the pit and love someone!

Treeman said...

I had no idea they'd been around that long, I'm even more shocked that BJS is a fan!

BIGWORM said...

I don't think BJS knew who Bad Religion was, before the chatter about the show started, and honestly, I still don't think Ive heard him say whether or not he likes them.

We introduced him to Rise Against a couple of years ago, and he digs on them.

It was interesting that Grafin, the lead for BR, talked about how Rise against used to open for them, and now the tables have turned, as the young guys gain steam.

Magnum said...

wait, Bad Religion was in town? or nearby?

I guess I was punk once.

Little Ball said...

God damn that was a good trip