Friday, April 8, 2011


Our trip to the Keys was pretty successful. We made our flights south with little hassle. We navigated driving through N. Cuba, to reach the Keys without getting kidnapped and sold into slavery. I saw my brother get married. Nobody died during any of the partying, and I was only called a conehead once, by a smartass bar comedian/singer.

Of note, I have to say I was surprised at the early confirmation of a stereotype at the first convenience store I entered. We were on the road and headed south, when I was dying for my drink of choice, the diet coke. I know, it's bad for me and all that. Whatever, you gotta die of something. First stop, no less, and the lady behind the counter doesn't speak any English, whatsoever. A series of grunts, head shaking, and points scored me a $2 fountain drink, that tasted like carbonated piss. Apparently the national language carries little weight south of Ft Lauderdale. Poor beverage service, that's nationwide. You just have to find the local spots who take pride in their business.

I'll get pics from the trip posted later, the real story is what I'm here to vent. Sunday afternoon, we drive back up to Ft Lauderdale, to have dinner with Lil' Ronnie. No sweat. A ton of traffic, but overall, no biggie. Monday morning, we have breakfast with Ron again, and head for the airport. All still flowing rather smoothly. We get to Atlanta, and the hassles begin. Our flight to T-town is delayed a half hour. We find lunch, and return to the gate to find we've been bumped another half hour. This delaying continues until our flight that was supposed to arrive in Tally at 5:10, now is not scheduled to leave ATL until 8:30! Around 6:50, I notice our flight is no longer on the gate board. A quick chat and I find out the flight is now cancelled, but if we can get across 3 terminals in 15 minutes, we can catch a 7:30 bound for home. A mad dash ensues, but we score.

Back in town at 9, and home by 9:30, only to find the front door unlocked. Ms Worm is immediately mad, as I have a history of leaving doors unlocked. I'm running through my memory of leaving, in a panic, quite sure I locked the door. As I specifically remember returning to lock the door in the pouring rain, she tells the television is gone. Now I'm completely doubting my memory! As I follow her in, I'm gutted to know we've been robbed, but at the same time relieved to see that half of the back door jamb is laying in the dining room floor. Bastards kicked in my door!

They got my television, both of our laptops, Ms Worm's jewelry box, a shotgun, and a few other small electronics. We don't have much, but they cleaned out anything of quickly sold value we had.

Did I mention yet, that it was Ms Worm's birthday. Happy Birthday, honey! Welcome home, now give all your shit to somebody else for your birthday.

The heirloom family jewelry is the biggest physical loss. That stuff isn't replaceable. More than that, I hate seeing my wife scared in her own house. They took her feeling of security, more than anything else. The cops say they arrested 3 guys over the weekend, that they believe are tied to a string of burglaries within a mile of our house, that went down last Wednesday. I asked if she'd mind running them by my house, and waiting outside for about 30 minutes, while we "discussed" a few things. I know vigilante justice is not the answer, but right now, I'm pissed! I'm a pretty tolerant person, but given the chance of retaliation, at the moment, I'd jump all over it. Right now, we sleep Dirty Harry style, with a loaded firearm within arm's reach and the bedroom door locked. I know that there is a one in a million chance that anyone will return to our house anytime soon, but if it helps her sleep better, then so be it. Anybody got any recommendations on security system companies?


BIG JIM said...

That does suck. The insecurity is normal and will go away...eventually. I had a peeping Tom once tht totally freeked me out for a long time. I have an Aunt and Uncle whose house was a break in magnet...the stories they could tell, but my favorite is when my big ass Uncle walked in his kitchen one night to get a snack, naked, and bumped into a guy who broke in. According to my Unclethe look on the intruders face was priceless.

Double Nought Seven said...

12 gauge shotgun, first round 3 inch sabot, next two #6, next three, double ought buck. The sabot round will go through a metal door or a brick walkl for that matter. Now I did know a guy who had every entrance boobytrapped with some really deadly stuff but that's a bit much. I can certainly understand Michelles loss of security. Odds are they possibly were walking the street, saw an abundance of flyers or mail laying about (unless you had someone pick up your mail, papers and stuff. Then again, look what happened to my parents!

Treeman said...

I understand, had my truck broken into recently. Swore I'd like to see the thief run over. Local PD caught them, asked if I wanted to press charges. Hell yes! Until I found out I knew the kid and his folks. You never know.

RonD said...

They all need to be caught and killed at the hands of their victims. The justice system is a waste. I guarantee those shitbirds have a criminal history, but no lets try to reform them...those assholes need to die a violent painful death...after they tell you where they pawned your property.

Juancho said...
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Juancho said...

That's terrible news. This is off-topic, but I am compelled to share that the U.S. has no official language.

Viva los Estados Unidos siempre!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Oh deer, that sucks dog.