Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brews, Blues, and Bee-Bee-Q's!

It started out as an innocent look at the map, but ultimately, I turned Big Jim Slade's world upside down.

Phil won't stop talking about this rib shack, so I finally got a name, and googled the joint. Fat Matt's. A name like that, how can it not be good? The captain already sounds like a brother clydesdale. While looking at the satellite view of the location map, I happened to notice a little marker, less than a mile away. Sweetwater Brewery. 

Now, Big Jim has wanted to tour this place since the beginning of time. He has a bit of a thing for seeing where his tasty beverages originate. Unfortunately, I broke his heart on our last NC trip, that had 2 tours scheduled, when I came down with typhoid. After arguing incessantly, they decided to call the trip short, and brought me home to die in my own bed, or yard, or wherever, as long as it wasn't in the hotel room with them. Me being me, I've always been bummed to be the root of this void in Big Jim's heart. So when I saw this little icon, I let him know just how close it was.

In the meantime, I had started perusing Fat Matt's website, and discovered that they offer live blues, every night. And then, way back in the deepest recesses of my pleasure cortex, a speck of light blinked into life. This light brightened, until the very angels delivered upon me, the idea that maybe we should leave on Thursday, hit the brewery tour, hang for the blues and ribs, and then stay the night with little brother Phil. A quick message session has BJS all fired up, and Phil is all in. BJS and I split our remaining travel companions between us, and commenced to selling them on the idea. Our level of employment uselessness, had reached all time highs. Neither could concentrate on our jobs. I could already smell and taste that bbq!

In an effort not to publicly shame the naysayer(s), I'll not say who shot this beautiful bird from its trajectory, but let's just leave it at, it a'int happenin'.

So, now all I can think about is the fall NC trip. I'll be putting that together as we return from Fools Gold. There will be brews. There will be blues. There will be BBQ(s).


BIG JIM said...

Higher Ground party pooper. They can have him!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

The good news is you can ditch him from the car an let me warm his butt print for NC. I AM IN BITCHES!!!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

btw please invite Ron so I have someone slow enough to ride with.

Treeman said...

"In an effort not to publicly shame the naysayer"

Not really much of an effort now was it?

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me for having RESPONSIBILITIES.


BIGWORM said...

I didn't sell you up the river! BJS maybe, but not me! ;-)

Mark said...

Brews, Blues and BBQ(s) it!

Double Nought Seven said...

Hey there is a big crit in Atlanta on Sunday at Grant Park, which also has my favorite hole in the wall pizza / Calzones spot in all of Atlanta. If you guys are nursing yur hangover and want to see some great racing, I will be there!