Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Adventures on the Horizon

Life is funny sometimes. Other times, not so much. Mine has been a roller coaster for longer than I'd like, lately, but I just keep my eyes out for those peaks between the valleys, that bring opportunities and experiences worth seizing.

This time, I owe a big thanks to my other adopted little brother, Phil. He saw that I needed a change of venue, and came to the rescue. I fought it at first, but he speaks with a golden tongue.

I'll be spending my Thanksgiving in Africa, as a team mechanic for Team Type 1 in the Tour of Rwanda. I'm a big fan of the holidays, and though I'll miss my family, I'll be thankful for these new experiences.


Treeman said...

Be sure to take a camera and lap top. I expect daily blog updates from the dark continent.

BIG JIM said...

Enjoy the experience.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Happy journey! I am so stoked for you bro. This will be the trip of a life time.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and I am proud for you! Have a ball and stay safe!