Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally, Racing!

After what seems like weeks of washing bikes, the racing finally got under way. While the weather threatened all day, it never more than lightly sprinkled. The Rwandans came out en masse, to watch the big show.

This was my first experience at Rwandan congregations. They smile and wave, and are genuinely curious about these big white men, and blonde, white women. They want to be nearby, in case you do something interesting, or more likely, want you to give them chocolate, water bottles, or money. The kids have learned to hang out at the team cars. There are so many, though, that we could never satisfy that demand. The kids found my tattoos today, and were so enthralled. They would go get there friends and bring them to see, too. They liked to touch it, to see if they could feel the image. I watched as a couple kicked around some empty water bottles, and when the bottle came near, I returned it with a kick of my own. They went crazy! Kids poured out of the woodwork, to play with the crazy, inked, mizunga.

Rwandan cycling fans, are much more reserved. They never clapped or cheered, just watched. Us, however, well, let's just say we were "us". Eveytime I hooted one of our boys, the adults around would twitch, and the kids would giggle. They are so reserved, up until the hometown favorite launched last. For the first time, a huge cheer went up, and they all ran for the finish.

All of the announcing was in French, but I kept hearing our boy, Ty's name in the mix. When all was said and done, TT1 swept the top three spots! The team is amped, and the game is on. Tomorrow we must defend, and I think we can. Wednesday and Thursday will be deciding factors, when they hit some pretty vicious climbs. I have a feeling that on those days, I'll have quite a few of my pre-riders, hanging onto brushgaurds!

Brush gaurds on what, you may ask. Why, on this most ridiculous, 9 seater, Land Rover, complete with snorkel, I'd answer! My ride for this gig is so over the top! Phil's gonna look over his shoulder to ask for a bottle, and I'm gonna be gone, off on safari,somewhere.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Awesome post man.

Treeman said...

Blonde white women? A Land Rover? Sounds like an Indiana Jones movie. How's the food?

bikediet said...

Sounds cool, I keep finding myself wandering what you are doing....hope you are doing your job well and having a good time

Juancho said...

Dang! Loving this.

BIG JIM said...

Hey, Kunta Kinte! How 'bout some pics.