Saturday, November 19, 2011


Check it out for up to date TT1 dealings over here.

I had a few minutes, so I thought I'd share some of the experience. At night I hear drums playing in the distance, but now, I sit in a hotel lobby, listening to Don Williams on the hotel sound system. They were playing Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers, this morning. Just bizarre!

Keeping bikes clean after daily rains, and my newfound, soigneur-like responsibilities(minus the massage), take up most of my time. It's tough to determine how much food and water to buy for myself, and 7 riders. Luckily I have a little guidance from the team's professional soigneur. She's been in the business for 15+/- years, and is a well of knowledge.

We picked up the team car today, and got quick lessons in African driving. No real rules, just guidelines. It really feels like riding in a pack, just put your bumper in, and take the spot. Own it, or lose it!

Prologue is tomorrow. The guys are ready to ride, and I think we have a guy who can contend for the overall.

By Tuesday, we leave our comfortable hotel, for the road. My understanding is that our accommodations range from resorts, to last resorts, once the race leaves Kigali. I'm psyched to see the country, but nervous about the unexpected.

We have good people with us, so as long as sanity can be maintained, we'll be good. I can already see that my shepherding skills are going to come in handy. Each morning, I suppose I'll wake and share Don's chorus, Lord, I hope this day is good....


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Freakin awesome Bro! I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea you are doing this. Tell Jane and boy to watch for gators!

Treeman said...

Is it what you expected?